Goozik Gaming: Having fun playing online games and earning some money

Playing games for fun and/or to earn some extra money this is where a few online games are discussed. Tips and Tricks, Gaming links, New games to play, Free to play stuff mostly.

No get rich quick schemes, I can't promise the moon. But I can deliver games where you get paid to play. Some games are designed to pay the players, some allow for a thriving secondary market. You can make extra money playing games and having fun. Get paid to play games with Bitcoins, Paypal, Amazon gift cards or just compete in random competitions and tourneys to try and win prizes in the mail or online.

Curious about Bitcoins or that word confuse you? Please see this link for a FAQ about Bitcoins. TL;DR It's a digital currency.

My name is Goozik, and I've been playing games online and earning money while doing so for over 10years now. I don't stream, or have a massive youtube channel to promote my gaming. I just share it here and there online. This is a picture of me and I'm easily found in most games I promote here on this site. Look in game for "Goozik or Guzik".

Find a new favorite game or make a few bucks and want to say thanks. I appreciate Bitcoins donations and Paypal funds.
Bitcoin donation address: 1Ncw6WNVoRGc7QMCKkwP84PHtsvKTnqKPv
You can tip me via change tip if you prefer.

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Unique Bitcoin Gaming

Experience a MMO 3D world full of ways to get free Bitcoins and increase your Bitcoins! No killing or fighting, just games, Bitcoins and fun experiences. Started before the Bitcoin boom it's proven to be a good investment.

Dungeon Crawl Game

Designed to pay the players! Game resets at start of each month and all your gold earned that month is turned into paypal funds! Along with occasional Tournaments for gaming related items and paypal funds.

Gooziks Earning Blog

Check out my blog here on the website for recent gaming info. Or click the link below for a link to my old blog which informs you of ways to earn outside of gaming with little or no investment.