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SolForge Online CCG created by Richard Garfield

Posted by [email protected] on March 11, 2015 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Free to play card game SolForge was released on Feb 5th 2015 to the full public. An array of unique card game elements make this game far different then any collectable card game you've played before. There is no way for the average player to make money playing this game, but there is a large tournament site you can compete on to try and win in game currency or if you're willing to put up entry fees some award money prizes for playing solforge.

Each card has one to four versions of that card, with most having 3. Every card starts at rank 1, after being played it levels up to rank 2 this rank 2 version goes into your discard pile(rank 1 version once destroyed is removed from game, so only rank 2 of that card is left). Every 4 turns your character levels up and your deck is reshuffled. Now you can draw and play cards of the new more powerful rank that you leveled up previously. So you aren't always playing cards for what they give you now, you may just want the more powerful version in your deck to play later. 30 card decks. You draw 5 cards each turn, 4 turns per rank. Means you will see 20 of the 30 cards in your deck each rank. You can have upto 3 copys of each card in your deck.
4 Different factions to choose from when building your deck, you can combine any two factions you want for building a deck, and it can have any number of cards from each faction. Every turn you play 2 of the 5 cards in your hand. At end of your turn you draw 5 new cards so you can start planning your moves during opponents turn. This means there is no mana, no resources or any other limiting random factor that affects how much or little you can play each turn.

The battlefield itself consists of 5 lanes. Each creature attacks the creature in the lane across from it, if no creature is there then you damage the player. Players have 100 life, get them down to 0 to win.A number of other common CCG elements make it easy to actually understand the cards and battle interactions. Poision, Armor, Walls etc etc. Learn the game in a couple quick games, spend the next months trying to master it!

Couple other really nice things about the game are the weekend tournaments, every weekend they offer a special cheap to enter special format tournaments. Like Heroic drafts, where you only draft cards that are Legendary or Heroic in rarity making for super powerful fun drafts. Or the Un-Heroic constructed tournaments where you can only use common and rare cards to build your deck. Or Mono Faction draft, where your first pick in the draft determines what the single faction you will get to draft from.

Along with the unique sharing/trading system. When you use the premium in game currency Gold to buy a card pack or enter a tournament. The cards from those (prize) packs are shareable. Which means you can give 1 copy of that card to someone, they will then have a bound(non shareable) version of that card to use, and your version of that card will become bound to you as well. So you can still use the card to play with, just not share it again. Daily log in bonus awards regular booster pack, same with 3rd win of the day(which can be against the computer). First win of the day gets you a event tix.

Join using this link please and get the bonuses listed below!

The free game SolForge is on steam. It also has a really nice referral program. If you sign up under someone, when you get 15 online wins you get a free Legendary chest of cards which is like a super nice booster pack guarnteed to have multiple heroic or legendary cards. You also get a 10% bonus on any gold you purchase in the first 31 days of sign up. If you do decide to invest in the game. $10 goes a long ways. You can get the one time legendary chest for 200gold, one time ten event tixs pack for 200gold, then still afford to enter one competive draft and two casual drafts with your gold.

Special Poro King game mode for limited time in League

Posted by [email protected] on December 28, 2014 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

League of legends the free to play Multiplayer online battle arena(MOBA) is a 5 vs 5 game of quick strategy and even quicker reflexes. If you'd like to sign up to league and play with me please join league of legends here and once in game send a friend request to "Goozik". Note I usually play using the chat service Skype.


Played on the ARAM map, It's blind pick with each team having 3 bans. In this new Poro King game mode the normal summer spells are replaced by two new ones that everyone MUST use.


D Summoner spell now= Cast Poro Toss once and sling your smaller poro across the Abyss. The range is way, way longer than you expect. And don’t worry, the poros love a good toss. After landing a hit, trigger Poro Toss again to Poro Dash, flying to your poro’s target.


F Summoner spell now= When the Poro King is on the scene and your team, activate To the King! to poro-fy yourself and rocket to the king.

This will only last until January 6th, for more details including a list of rewards please see the official Poro King page.

Hearthstone New Expansion: Free Arena Run Dec 4-8th

Posted by [email protected] on December 6, 2014 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

An unexpected twist with the new Hearthstone Expansion due out on Dec8th. The New expasion cards are now in the Arena Draft mode! In addtion to this twist, if you log in between the 4th and 8th of December 2014 you also get a Ticket good for one Free Arena run! The new expansion is bringing in over 100new cards and an abudance of the new type of Mech cards. Enjoy the free Fun!

I've heard rumors there may be another giveaway of 3 packs of new expansion cards when the official release happens. So make sure to log in before and after 8th!