MMO game that runs on Bitcoins. Free to play and withdraw.

Is it a MMO game or the most unique casino experience online? Label it anything you want, the fact is there is nothing else like it anywhere. Explore the islands in the game, unlocking new islands as you get higher level. Each island has different games of varying levels of risk.

There is no end game, no grouping, no killing. Just games, levels and a variety of fun with bitcoins. Around before Bitcoin became popular this place is run by one person who makes regular appearances in game to discuss things with the players.

Mixture of Skill and luck based games, with even a few PvP games. No deposit required to withdraw. Minimum withdraw is 1btm(btc 0.001).
Only Bitcoin , no other form of payment processing. There is ability to skip one section of Tasks on level two if you deposit 20btm or more, recommend you take advantage of that. (that's about $10ish dollars if bitcoins are worth about $350 per)

             Special New player sign up code from me Goozik for Dragons Tale!

Make sure to ask me for special code BEFORE signing up, you have to enter it as you sign up! Fill out Contact form to get the code via E-mail, or contact me via any other game or twitter asking for a code anytime!

Thanks for your interest in Dragons tale. I will get you that code ASAP!
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Sign up to Dragons Tale with a Special code for Brand new accounts only You have to enter this code as you sign up.
This code I will send to you in game grants you access to the Soldiers in game with the Globe, which give a minimum of 1btm (btc0.001) for free as a gift to you. There is no requirement for this other for you to be a new player and to message me before signing up.
You can "/message guzik" in game to send a mail message that will deliver a pop up message next time I log in/or check my screen. If you see me in game you can type a period before my name to send a direct pm ".guzik"
Unique gaming experiences everywhere. From Cow tipping, feeding the ducks, feeding the pigs until they explode, finding a needle in a haystack, decorating the Christmas Tree to Partying at the bars there is fun to be had anywhere you go.
Party's at the bars on governed island happen often, buy yourself a drink and find coins in the bottom of the glass. Buy a round for everyone at the bar and watch as rounds continue until one person is left standing. Smoke a Cigar and others around you can catch a whiff for some free bitcoins. Or you can hang out around the smokers and hope to get some whiffs yourself.
Governed islands allow the Governor to set up tourneys for everyone to compete in, everyone the same game with the best scores being awarded the most Bitcoins. Find yourself a good mentor and ask about them, most tourney have level 3 required to play.
Each month 4 new Governor's are elected by the players.

                        Free Bitcoins laying around for anyone to claim.
         From 10,000Satoshi (btc 0.0001) all the way upto 100btm(btc 0.1)

Level 3+ can pick herbs randomly found on non governed islands. Ranging in value from 10K Satoshi upto 100btm. They randomly spawn near other plants and games. Hunting just for them is a game all in itself. Or get lucky and find one when you head to your favorite game! If you are under level 3, contact your mentor or myself in game, we'll be happy to pick the herb and give you 100% value.

                Unique Jackpot Games mean each day and week is different

"Hide" 1Ksat upto 1btm in any plant you see anywhere in game. Sometimes when hiding you trigger a Jackpot. Depending on the species of plant, their can be many small Jackpots as well from that same plant. Plantfalls Wiki Page. Make Sure to ask me or your mentor about Plants or Tree's in Dragon's Tale. There is a time element to Plants, and Trees is the only game that has a progressive Jackpot(of sorts, ask you mentor!)

There is also a variety of Tree's mixed in everywhere that have low risk offering 1x,2x and 3x rewards upto 50x. Read more about the different kinds of trees on the Dragons Tale treefalls wiki page.

                         Mentoring and Rakeback System(AKA Dragons Treasures)

Unique Mentoring system in this game. Find a good person(or ask me in game name:Guzik) to be your mentor via right clicking the person in game. This person has to be level 5 or higher to eligible to mentor anyone. They should be a person you feel comfortable talking with, plays same time you do of the day, knowledgeable in the game and helpful when asked questions. Other then having a person to help you through the game, there is a bonus to being a good mentor in game.
The Rakeback system in this game, grants a higher percent back to the player the higher level you are. If your mentor is higher level then you, your bets will still award a share towards your Dragons Treasures Rakeback pool, In addition all your bets will award your mentor the missing percentage between you and your mentors level. If that's a little confusing here's the wiki page explanation with an example.
Dragons Treasures Rakeback pool is set to award once you've earned 100 BTM worth of Bitcoins(10% of a Bitcoin).
Most mentors will give you 50% of what they've earned as a result of mentoring you. So when they get awarded their 100btm DT, they give their students a share of it based on each persons betting. In game a mentor can type /studentlist to see how much each person has helped earn down the the littlest Ksat.