Earning money by playing games online is something you can do!

There is a variety of way to earn money online playing games, some you can do with no deposit or risk. Some sites are designed to pay the players, others are ok if you find a way to make some money and some it's against the ToS and could result in account loss. This section will help you determine all those things and provide links where applicable to help you along the way.

           Dungeons and Treasures: Dungeon crawl adventures lasting 1 month

A Dungeon crawl adventure game that was designed to pay the players. Never invest a cent and you can still withdraw.  Crawl dungeons, upgrade and level, sell items and compete in contests for prizes(lots of gaming prizes).
The adventures lasts one month. Since the adventure begins the first day of each month at midnight and finishes the last day of each month after midnight.
The site has several options to win money : dungeons, contests, bonus games, temple, sponsoring, weapon sales,and chests.
At the end of each month, your gold is converted into real cash. Your character is then reset to level zero and you start again for the next month, your cash stockpiles until you have enough for cash out.
Read my Dungeons and Treasures guide blog for more info and tips.
Upgrade options.
$10 min withdraw.

KadoKado:Play 4 arcade style games a day for credits. Credits =Amazon Gift card

Another site designed to play the players. You get 4 free game plays everyday, they don't stack up, so log in each day. Arcade style games usually lasting no longer then 5mins per game play. The higher your score in the game, the more credits you win.
Slightly better ranking system then most as you stay the same rank for each period of the game, which is 14days.
At the end of each period you will game additional credits based on your overall performance in the game during that period compared to others in your current skill rank. Then your rank for each game your played during that period will be adjusted accordingly. Keep ranking up, and the more credits you will be eligible to win with each game play.

50+ games. Some have to be earned with your skill levels, others by your VIP level, and others you can buy.
The only "bad" thing about this site, is the single payout option, which is Amazon.com Gift cards.

                   Selling Accounts, Items and Currency in large MMORPGS

Sell In game Currency, Items, Weapons,Power Leveling and Accounts
Almost every MMO has secondary market for in game stuff and accounts. Even though most games frown and or publicly condone this activity, it's still very actively done.
People buy and sell virtual goods online for money for a variety of reasons. Most games realize that people like to get back some of their investment when they leave a game. The nice games are ok with it.
There are many people that play MMO's online for a living, AKA Farmers. These people often run more then one computer and account at the same time, so they can gather currency and items to sell to others.
For the casual and more serious players, there is still decent money to be made. If you just wanna sell enough to pay for your monthly fees to play the game, it's easily done. Making profit on mis-priced items and crafting supplies is usually the easiest way.
There are a few well known sites that handle these types of transactions.
IGE - By far the largest currency selling site, they buy and sell in game currency for almost every single MMO.
Playerauctions - Great MMORPG only site for selling and buying item, excellent escrow service makes sure you get what you paid for. You list an item, people bid, high bid wins.
Risk - You are warned
Most large MMORPG's seriously dislike people doing this.
You can lose your account for a period of time, or permanently. It does happen.
Some game sites are worse then others, make sure to read the game(s) you are playing Terms of Service. As well as reading your games popular forums, for reports of people losing their accounts/privileges. If you find no such reports, good chance your game(s) are not to worried about it and let it go on with out interfering. 
Do not advertise in game that you are selling stuff, you don't know when moderators are present, how other people view the subject, or if the game has a program looking for sellers. It's a easy way to get your account banned, so don't do it!

           Skill Gaming:Legal but are you confident enough to risk your money?

Skill gaming is usually played in one of four ways:
1. Puzzle games where logic and math skills play the biggest factors. Like Bejeweled and Connect Four
2. Arcade games are usually puzzle based but require equally quick reflexes with the mouse and/or keyboard. Like Pac-man, Billiards and mini-golf.
3. Word games testing your spelling. Like Scrabble.
4. Quiz games testing your knowledge about a particular topic area.

When you give a game a time limit like most arcade games, along with in game bonuses and such. You can make a nice score table for people to play against each other, that is based on skill. Since you can make sure both/all people playing that game for money play that same exact game with same conditions, this isn't considered gambling by the USA and Paypal.

Most of the time Skill gaming is a simple head to head competition. You both risk 50cents for example. Winner is the person who scores higher in that game, and they win 90cents. Most skill Gaming sites take a 10% cut for hosting everything. There is larger tourneys where everyone risks same amount and then the top few scores get a prize.

Skill Gaming is legal in most countires and states, please check your local laws and site rules before depositing.
The following states are known to NOT allow skill gaming.
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont.
If you want to read up more on my thoughts on skill gaming please read my blog post about skill gaming or my 2nd blog post about earning more money with skill gaming.

        Guess a card:Every day you get to try. Bonus cards for extra site rewards.

Join GiftHulk and earn with this general Get paid to earn type of site, with options to earn via surveys, watching videos, cash back shopping, phone apps and download offers.
The game portion is something you can do every day, and it doesn't stack up so make sure to log in each day. Different options on what to guess for with different rewards.
In addition to normal 52 cards, there is 3 other types of cards.
Joker cards- worth 100 Hulk Coins,
Boosts cards -which gives you an increased % of all hulk coins you earn over the next few hours
Fountain of Youth Cards- A special code you can enter for Hulk coins, But the code has multiple uses(1 per person) so you can share them.(ask me about them if you sign up to this site and I may have some to share)
Guess the Card - guess the exact card and win 50 Hulk Coins.
Guess the Rank - guess the card rank(the suit doesn’t matter) and win 10 Hulk Coins.
Guess the Suit - guess the card suit(the rank doesn’t matter) and win 4 Hulk Coins.
Takes maybe 2minutes every day to complete the guess a card game portion. Has Payout options for Amazon,Paypal and Bitcoin.